Chavutti Thirumal Practitioners

Helen Noakes has trained many bodywork professionals as Chavutti Thirumal Masseurs over the years  and she has created a directory for people who have participated in one of her training courses. Here we hope you will find a practitioner in your area. If you would like to join the directory please do contact me on

This is the latest You Tube clip filmed on location in Goa.



Claire Tierney



Nadine Vanmanshoven – +32 486 20 50 05,




Steve Mason – Brighton and Hove

Chris Elam – Hastings and Sussex (Chris is a fellow Chavutti Master and trained with my teacher in Kerala. He comes highly recommended!)

Julie Ann Lever – Surrey and many European festivals

Karina Messer – London

Tony Ainsley Joseph – London

Anthony MacDonald – Newcastle

Kasia Koszut – London

Peter Roussel – London. UK and the world!

Barbara Mella – London

Alison Mann – South Wales and Herefordshire

Phoebe Maria Riordan – Cornwall and London

Amanda Montague – South West England (

Alexandra Holbrooke – Cornwall

Emma Campbell – Truro, Cornwall

Patel Shilmilan – LONDON


Evangeline Dimichele – MONMOUTH

Caroline McGurgan – WALES, CARDIFF

Cindy Wansbury – CORNWALL


Sari Timonen –


Kati Mommo –

Niina Saikkonen –

Laura-Maria Kairamo  –


Kristin Elvseen 


Michelle Walder


Rob Gilles

Lesley Campbell


Laetitia Guillemant

Paulina Maliniak

Elena Sepulveda 

Claire Durrant


Vivi-Ann Sundberg


Terri Higgins – St Petersburg, Florida.

Marina Ferrigno – Louisiana and New Orleans

Erin Fletcher – Cedar City, Utah

Vicki Seabrook – Portland, Oregon

Sazi Marri – New Mexico

Tennyson Towl – Maine, South Portland


Natasha Marchant – Cardiff


Please read on for some comments on the Massage Training. With great thanks to all the Chavutti Family!

I met Helen a few years before I finally plucked up the courage to travel to India to undertake the Chavutti training and her enthusiasm, excellent massage and wonderful energy really helped to sway me to make the investment. I am so glad I did! The course was relaxed and fun yet thorough and hard work. Working in a small group made it such a good way to learn and we had plenty of people to practice on every day. Helen in an excellent teacher and also really helps you promote your business once you qualify. Chavutti is now a popular and much in demand treatment with my clients and it is by far my favorite form of massage to give and receive. If you are thinking of learning Chavutti, there isn’t a teacher I would recommend more!

~ Steve Mason

I first met Helen in 2010 whilst visiting her at a course she was running in Chavutti in Edinburgh.I was struck by her warmth, massive heart and knowledge of her subject.

Helen persuadred me to visit her in Goa for the next course she was holding. It was if the stars were in alingment and i felt like i had met someone as passionate about her craft as myself and willingly agreed to make the journey.At this point i had been a practioner of TuiNa and Thai massage for about 10 years but what I learned from studying with Helen just blew me away and i was firmly hooked with Chavutti as a therapy.If you are considering training with Helen then dont hesitate,just do it! She imparts her vast knowledge of the body through massage,yoga and dance and weaves it into her teaching.

This training is by far the best value for money you will find anywhere. She is truly a beautiful person and soul.

~ Antony Macdonald

The time you spend learning from Helen – a master in her profession – is time you will never forget. She ensures you know what you’re doing and that you enjoy what you are learning. She is a brilliant teacher. You will come out raring to go, confident in what you have been taught and ready to put it all into practice.

~ Rob Gilles (My wonderful co-teacher)

I had really great time training with Helen. Every day we were starting with a little bit of yoga to bring awareness to our body and feet and set an intention for the rest of the day spent on learning massage techniques and putting them into practice. Helen was keeping every day interesting bringing different poems and pieces of music to brighten the day. She is very positive and encouraging as a teacher.

~ Kasia Koszcut

Learning to give a chavutti massage with Helen, makes me feel so very connected, being the vessel through which heaven and earth energy is flowing into another body… through my feet… It is a wonderful connection between two human beings, energizing and creating powerful Prana. With huge gratitude, I get this same feeling again and again, every time I have the opportunity to give a Chavutti massage.

~ Mieke Poppe

Chavutti course with Helen is jazzy! I like the personal approach she took in guiding my foot to new places of awareness. I have connected old synapses, developed a gift and got a thorough knowledge of technique and anatomy. You do need to be slightly special and be into the nature of sharing human touch to benefit from this course. That passion is all Helen needs to bring your qualities to the fore and help you take the step up to being a gifted therapist. Peter Roussel, now 5 years practitioner.

~ Peter Roussell

Helen is a fun, relaxed and inspirational teacher. I have completed two courses with her and was delighted on both occasions. The course content was everything I expected and the delivery great- working with Helen in two very different groups and having been a teacher myself for ten years I can say that one of Helen’s greatest strengths is that she adapts to the group at hand, making changes or tweaking ad hoc to fit the people attending, making the course feel very personal. Don’t hesitate in attending one of her workshops or courses, you will learn loads and have lots of fun and laughter at the same time!

~ Claire Durrant


     Learning with Helen was not only fun but also Inspirational! Learning to love and feel with my feet and discover one of the many best massages ever! It being such a blissful journey to give and receive such a gift in life. Helen also bought Rumi in to my life too! 


≈ Alison